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Inventory Specialists For Your Home

We help homeowners inventory their belongings.

Forget about having important documentation related to your possessions scattered all over the place. We have a solution that helps homeowners keep track of everything in one place.

Friendly Tesoro inventory specialist

Peace of Mind Preserved 

Peace of Mind Preserved 

Peace of Mind Preserved 

Peace of Mind Preserved 

Peace of Mind Preserved 

How Prove It Works

Download Sample Report

How Prove It Works

Download Sample Report

About Us

Maximize Your Insurance Claims Settlement with Tesoro

Do you know someone who has experienced the heartache of a household loss to something like theft, a flood, a fire, or a tornado?

After dealing with the heartache of a disaster comes the headache of dealing with recovering from the disaster.

How prepared are you?

Tesoro, the homeowner’s advocate, is here to help. With Prove It by Tesoro, you place our friendly remote inventory specialists into the palm of your hand using our easy-to-use mobile technology. Our inventory specialists work together with you via video call to inventory your household belongings.

Once all the data has been gathered, Tesoro’s proprietary software will then create a professional proof-of-ownership report that you can submit to your insurance provider. This report will include all the necessary information to ensure that you are fairly compensated for your losses.

Choose Tesoro for a stress-free, reliable, and easy way to maximize your insurance claims settlement. Our proof-of-ownership report includes all the essential information that your insurance provider needs. With Tesoro, you give yourself the best chance at receiving the compensation you deserve.

Trust Tesoro to be your advocate and help you navigate the insurance claims process with ease.

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Prove It

We Make It Easy to Create a Comprehensive Proof-of-Ownership Report


If you want to maximize your insurance claim, improve your financial plan, or save your family from fights or hurt feelings over who gets what after a loved one passes away, having proof is crucial.

Prove It by Tesoro combines user-friendly technology with qualified professional remote inspectors to help homeowners compile a proof-of-ownership report effortlessly.

With Prove It, you can inventory your household belongings together with a friendly inventory specialist via video call. The process takes only two hours on average, and you can do it at your own pace, depending on your busy schedule.

Once your Tesoro inventory specialist takes photos of your belongings and notes down all the necessary details, our secure software compiles and formats the data into a professional report. We send the report to you via email and store it on our secure cloud servers, accessible to you anytime.

Losing your belongings to a household incident or disaster is very scary and stressful, and filing an insurance claim can be overwhelming. Losing a loved one is heartbreaking enough, and dealing with the aftermath of who gets what is complicated.

Prove It by Tesoro can minimize those headaches for you.

With Prove It, you’ll receive:

  • A two-hour video chat session with a friendly and professional Tesoro inspector
  • A flexible schedule that allows you to complete the inventory at your convenience and pace
  • A certified Proof-of-Ownership report for your personal use
  • Secure storage of your report on our servers at no extra cost
  • Access to your report anytime, anywhere.


Choose Prove It by Tesoro to simplify the process of compiling a proof-of-ownership report and maximize your insurance claim.

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Prove It Refresh

Refresh Your Home Inventory with Prove It Refresh

As a homeowner, it’s recommended to inventory your belongings annually. However, if you have already completed a Prove It inspection, you only need a Refresh.

With Prove It by Tesoro, refreshing your home inventory is easy. You’ll get to spend one hour with a friendly and professional inventory specialist via video chat. Plus, you can use the hour as you please, based on your schedule.

After the session, you’ll receive an updated certified Proof of Ownership report, which you can access anytime, anywhere. The report will be securely stored on our servers at no extra cost.

Choose Prove It by Tesoro for a stress-free way to refresh your home inventory. You’ll receive:

  • One hour with a friendly and professional Tesoro inventory specialist via video chat
  • A flexible schedule that allows you to use the hour based on your convenience
  • An updated certified Proof of Ownership report for your personal use
  • Secure storage of your report on our servers at no extra cost
  • Access to your report anytime, anywhere.

Make sure your home inventory is up-to-date and accurate with Prove It by Tesoro.



Value It

Get an Accurate Market-Based Valuation of Your Property with Tesoro

Make informed decisions with the accurate valuation with Value It by Tesoro. Our advanced AI and proprietary data sources ensure that you get the most precise market-based valuation possible for your home or a property you are going to buy.

With Value It, you’ll receive:

  • Current Valuation Prediction based on real-time data
  • Comparable Property Sales in your area
  • Comparable Property Listings in your area
  • Historical Zip Code Analytics to assess trends
  • Number of Properties Sold to understand market demand
  • Median Sale Price per Square Foot to evaluate property value
  • Months of Supply to gauge inventory levels

Choose Value It by Tesoro for a comprehensive and reliable property valuation report that includes all the key metrics you need to make an informed decision.


Tesoro Treasures Your Treasure

Tesoro cares about your treasure. More importantly, we care that you keep your treasure after experiencing a household disaster like a flood or a fire.

Unfortunately, many homeowners make the mistake of assuming that their insurance policy will cover the full value of their personal property in the event of a loss or damage. However, this is not always the case. To ensure that you maximize an insurance claim settlement, it is essential you prove what you own before disaster strikes.

That is why we developed Prove It. Prove It by Tesoro is a service that makes it easier for homeowners to properly document all their stuff. We help you take photos of your jewelry, coffee tables, stuff in your fridge, art, socks, and anything else under your roof. We help you describe all you own and compile your photos and data details into professional, easy-to-understand report that will prove to be helpful when you file a claim. Your private proof-of-ownership report is stored on a secure server for you to access any time.

Hopefully, you’ll never need to use the Prove It by Tesoro report. But if you do, you will be treated fairly by your insurance provider and well compensated for what you can prove you lost. 

It is difficult to lose your stuff to a household disaster. It is worse to lose the value of that stuff because you didn’t take 2 hours to prove you owned it. Get credit for what you own! Prove It by Tesoro can help. Tesoro helps protect your treasure so you can replace your treasures.